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At BION, we are experts in gas filtration and clean air solutions for 25 years. 

We offer efficient and advanced solutions for filtering and controlling air quality at all stages of the supply chain. In this way we ensure that products reach the market in the best conditions of freshness for consumption.

Challenges we solve:
- Control of ethylene and VOC's
- Transportation of climacteric and non-climacteric fruits and other foods
- Temperature control
- Dehumidification 

Post-harvest Division

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We offer complete, clean, safe and effective solutions for purification and filtration oriented to remove particles, gases, odors and microorganisms from the air in open or closed atmospheres.

Challenges we solve:
- Corrosion Control
- Biogas Purification
- Indoor Air Quality
- Odor Control
- Special applications for gases

Environment Division

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Our products and services


We design and produce air filtration equipment for industrial and post-harvest environments.


We develop, manufacture and distribute unique formulas made in our factory in Barcelona.


We have specialized devices for measuring gases such as ethylene and VOC's.


Our laboratory researches, examines, develops and designs all our solutions.


years of accumulated experience in the gas industry

tons on average per year produced in our factory

countries around the world receive our average

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